Saturday, February 21


I never had faith in my own prayers but in others. I would ask people around me or my family to pray for me. Anyone who visited God places, I requested them to pray for me. But somehow I never prayed. I spoke to him directly. If that's how prayers work, mine did. I never knew why prayers worked a certain way and why not the other way.

God is in your heart, I was groomed to believe that. If so, then why is there the need to specifically arrange for prayers in a certain way. Why can't we simply talk to him and convey our regards or put forward our requests? Why is the need for aarti or namaaz.

If he wanted us to pray in a particular way, why not instill the same in every individual. Why different ways? If they are not designed to make sense then why people around us ensure that the praying tradition is embedded in our genes?

I believe there is no answer to that. Someday when I meet God for my final judgment, I will ask Him. Till then I will wait and pray the way I believe in them and not the way anyone teaches me.