Saturday, October 20

Efforts and Expressions

You crawl to reach me and the effort is so much that it really impresses me. And I start to appreciate your efforts and then you venture deeper. You try to delve in the deep dark desires and secrets of my heart. Why?

Are you not satiated with my love?

Why do u have to understand me to love me. I am no book that you read with every page you turn. I am no theory that you would assume. I am a human being. The philosophies of love are many. Why do you try to mix them all to make muck. Its a filthy saying of lotus in dirt, love does not have to be that. It does not even have to be roses in thorns. It can be a mere wild flower amongst the woods. Why do you have to flaunt me as a trophy. Why do have to change me to suit your demands. Am I not the same person you fell in love with. So why so many assumptions and alterations?

Answer me truly and am all yours. You falter once and I am gone. For good and forever.