Sunday, November 6

My World

My world has shrunken into mirthless laughter
I smile at you knowingly
You smile at me hopefully
Wistful that I am of your love
Still I know of your love me
My resolve to smile
And be the one you want
Will tear me apart
Will render me dead
I still try to be the one
Tears have stopped flowing
Sunlight has stopped making sense
Obstinate pains trickles down my cheeks
You can make me forget my woes
But your presence scares me
I didn’t know love
You made me realize it
May be it had arrived
Without my acknowledging it
May be it had seeped deep inside
But a day will come when I will have to go
Can death be a solution?
But no, it’s not
My dreams lay on your feet
Can I hold its fingers to help them stand?
I grin so you won’t see the sorrow I live
I laugh so you won’t feel what I think
But yes, I think.
I resolve to make my world simpler
Yet again this love maims all hope
Your absence does no harm
Your presence does
I love you yet I can’t reach you
You love me yet you can’t have me
Why my world can’t be simpler?
This mirthless laughter rings
And you think I am happy and shallow
I am content to make that impression
I am content that you don’t know sorrow
For I am old enough to understand
I should walk away and never come back
My reason for sustenance is you
But you will find happiness away
You make me feel worthy of being alive
My world has shrunken around you
Yet I laugh mirthlessly to prove otherwise
My world is complete without you
But I am incomplete forever…