Monday, September 26

Fingers Crossed

Life has all of a sudden come on the faster lane and I am probably running to hard to pace up. Am I exhausted? No. Am I panting? No. Then why on earth am I thinking about it? I search in the deepest of corners of my heart but can’t fathom out a solution. But I feel a realization roll across the corner of the dark road inside. It said, “Dudette, whatever happens, happens for a reason and trust me its good. So, wait and watch for what is coming your way. Till then do what seems right to you.”

I come back from the reverie to the real world and see that there is nothing to be sad about. Maybe there is better plan for me somewhere that I am unable to fathom now.  Maybe he plans me to be happier than what I am now. So, I just wait with fingers crossed.