Thursday, February 24


Darkness-Why am I scared of it? Why are so many other people scared of it? Why can't we just light a bulb or any other light source and get over with it? It will be easy to get rid of it-won't that be? After all, what we need to do is just to flip a switch or strike a match, isn't it? Then why is it that we prefer stay in fear of the darkness.

Are we used to the fear part so that we can brag about it later we were so scared? When we have a choice of getting away from it, we chose not to but can anyone tell me why? It's always easy to step in light and see everything for what is real and what is original. Why do we chose to stay blind from the beauty of light. Just as we think that light plays tricks on us with its various colors and warmth. We love to rot in the damp darkness, where everything rots to stink, but since we are unable to see it – we do not have any problems.

Are we shying away from good, because what I have grown up to understand is that darkness is equivalent to evil and wretchedness. Why are we so reserved in the everlasting reign of darkness? Darkness has made us oblivious to the reality of pain, rot, stink and every other phenomena as it has started to reside in us. Why do we not want to get rid of them? Is it so difficult?