Monday, November 23


My dreams seem to be locked
the key to the door is lost
The hope seems somewhat damp
the light with them is foggy
The depression has seeped in
even the marrows seem infected

The dreams, the hope and depression
usually don’t go along
I don’t know where the roads
are leading me towards
The depression doesn’t allow me
to walk the remaining miles

I want to run, to achieve,
the strength is drained from me
The reason for this feeling
is still unreasoned
The depression has seeped in
even motivations don’t work


  1. Trust and Faith might work...

    why don't you try them out?

  2. Are this poem was written on Nov 22..

    Does the date still sound depressing to u?

    Is your Hope still damped?

    Are u still unsure of the roads?

  3. Why wats special about the date...i dnt feel unsure of nethng nor my do my roads feel rong or dam...its a year now...of crs things change with time...

  4. so dry and professional.. I expected a better response